This site was created to garner support from others out there who have been squeezed and penalized by the Massachusetts Mandatory Health Insurance requirement. This law has done nothing but provide a boon to the private insurance industry, which was clearly its intention. The Commonwealth decides what you can afford taking none of your other expenses into consideration, making the plans completely unaffordable.  And now that the state is going broke and the insurance companies are suing over loss of profits, we will no doubt continue to pick up the slack to make sure the companies make a profit, making these plans even less affordable, which violates its proponents claims.

I for one do not use mainstream healthcare because it made me sick. I have since opted for alternative medicine and it is making me well. Unfortunately, the mandatory payments I make do not pay for healthcare that makes me well, only the kind that makes me sick. It’s time we all put our foot down and scrap this scam of a law.

I’d like to hear from others who are also having difficulty paying for this mandatory insurance or who just flat out refuse to pay on principle. This law is a violation of so many rights we have as people, particularly our natural right to life, which our present medical industry repeatedly takes away.

I plan to take this on but don’t want to walk this road alone. Help me alter the header image on this site by joining me in repealing this scam of a law.

Thank you.


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